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A wide range of professional binding services for books, catalogues and notebooks

How you'll use, store, or display a book all play monumental parts in which binding to choose. That's why we take you through all options to help you decide on he best one. Casebound, perfect bound, Otabind, or Swissbind... any and all binding options are readily available here.



Also known as hardback or casebound, this binding style provides high levels of durabiliity. A hardcover is a book bound with a rigid protective case, typically of cardboard covered with cloth or heavy paper. It is the most widely used binding option in children's books, reference books, coffee table books, and many others.


Soft Cover,
Perfect and PUR Binding

Using adhesive to glue the pages to the spine of the book, this flexible yet durable option is ideal for literary books and magazines.


The key difference between perfect and PUR binding comes from the type of glue. PUR is 40-60% stronger.


Otabind, or Lay-Flat-Perfect

The binding that mimics how a case bound book works, in a soft cover product.


Otabind binding separates the textblock and the cover so that a book can be opened flat on a surface. Durable and easy to use, the product then opens without bending the spine or pulling against it.


Lay Flat

An eye catching and effective binding alternative.


Lay-Flat bound products open completely flat across the centrefold. This allows the images to run across both halves of the spread with no interruption, providing exciting design options such as landscape formats that open to display panoramas.


Saddle Stich

For a smaller number of pages, we offer staple stitching.


Printed sheets are folded to form a booklet, and a cover is added. These folded sheets are then stapled through the centre, with two or more staples.


Saddle Stiching is generally used for brochures, magazines, childrens book and notebooks that ideally have 64 pages or lower.


Thread Sewn

Also known as thread stitched binding, this method uses a single line of thread to sew pages together.


It offers a unique finish for special projects. The finish is traditional, secure, and beautiful.

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