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The Hardcover

Pick from a selection of different covers ranging from vegan leather to fabric. Our signature hardcover
notebook can be styled however you want it.


  • Design a colourful endsheet to make your notebook stand out.

  • You can request a round corner for all hardcover notebooks.

  • Logos can be debossed on the cover.

  • Consider sewn binding that you can lay flat on any surface.

  • Pockets inside the back cover can carry your logo.

  • A bookmark ribbon can match the cover or the color of your brand.

bold book imaj.png

The Softcover

Ideal for everyday use, our softcovers are especially flexible.


  • Pick from a range of cover materials.

  • Colourful endsheets to help customize your design.

  • Lay flat perfect binding means ease of use.


The Slim Softcover

Our most preferred design for gifting, the slim softcover is easy to customize and very economical.

  • Saddle stitching is the fastest method for up to 80 pages.

  • Opt for the singer sewn for an elegant look. The colour of the thread can be customized.

  • Saddle stitched notebooks can be flat back bound for a book-like look.


The Flexible Hardcover

With a natural cardboard finish, the flexible hardcover is a stylish option easily customized.


  • Colourful endsheets for a special look.

  • Use as a notepad or a notebook.

  • One of the most practical models, the flexible hardcover can be bent 360 degrees.

  • Sewn binding makes the flexible hardcover even easier to use.




A Unique Desk Accessory Awaiting to Impress Your Bussiness Partners: Pull-Up Calendars

Make sure your company is always in eyesight with our calendars. A variety of selections includes our very own trademarked pull-up calendar that can be customized to fit your company image.

Trademarked mechanics that allow you to remove calendar pages.

Notepads behind every month.


Custom cuts that highlight months or visuals.

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