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Your one-stop board book shop in Europe

Work with our specialised team for personalised service with state of the art equipment, flawless production, and rapid delivery.


Are you located in Europe? So are we!

We already work with more than 70 publishers in over 25 countries (and counting). With ethical and environmental certificates, our areas of concern are the same as yours.

Why subject your books to months in transit? How about several weeks to anywhere in Europe instead? Not to mention fast communication within the same time zone.

30 years of printing experience, innovative solutions, inspiring ideas - we can help you bring your project to life, or create a board book from scratch.

Why Us?

Low MOQ – Competitive Pricing No Matter the Quantity

We have very low minimum order requirements in board book production, and our pricing is competitive no matter the quantity. Looking for a run of 500 books? No problem, we’ve got it.

Flexible Logistics Opportunities

Get your order shipped anywhere. Land freight, sea freight, air freight – we can do it all. With our many freight partners, we are here to take the stress out of logistics by helping you figure out the best shipment options. Plus, if you’re in the UK, our London branch will take care of customs for you as well.

Board Book Production Runs of Up to 25000

Exactly as it sounds- we can make up to 25,000 bound books in a single day. That means speedy board book production, even if you’re looking for a run of tens of thousands. Combined with 10-15 day land freight to anywhere in Europe, we’ll make sure those urgent orders get to you in time.

Sustainable Paper Options

We are an FSC certified printer, and we also work with an environmental advisor as part of the SMETA scheme. All of our paper can be traced back to its source, and we strive to make production as sustainable as possible.

Board Book Solutions



Any shape you want, on a single page or entire book!
Die-cut is a great option to diversify your board book range that enables lots of interactions in one book.

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Illustrations meet industrial design.
The board book without limits, this type includes moving parts to optimise hand-eye coordination in toddlers. Allowing for added engagement with the story, active board books are a perfect resource for mental and physical development.

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Mix and Match


100% automation, efficient production.

With text pages divided into individual top and bottom halves, this type of board book is a great way to combine motor skill development with memory enhancement.

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Narrow flap distances with or without spacers…

Its built in flaps make this the ideal type of board book for memory games. From letters of the alphabet to illustrations of basic words, windows can open up to reveal all kinds of hidden images.

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Fastest and the most economical board-book to produce.

A great way to introduce board books into the product range for “publishers”. It is available in custom sizes and can have up to 32 pages.



Thick or thin, on a single page or on every page…

A great way to build logic skills and help recognize how shapes fit into larger picture. Starting with 2-3 pieces, puzzle books can be produced for the ages up to 3-4 year old kids.

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Board Book Production

How about a sneak peek?

Here is a 30 second video showing our automated board book production.

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